SwitchDesk, Inc. is a systems integration company providing solutions for Amazon Web Services, Linux, Microsoft, Apple, Novell and more. We serve many industry segments such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking and Finance

SwitchDesk offers consulting, engineering, help desk services, training and software sales. Our goal is to be your “go-to” partner for all of your Information Technology needs.


SwitchDesk was founded in April of 2001, when Linux was emerging in the corporate mainstream as a viable alternative in the data center. In those days, the Linux community was very much a “self help” community and wanted formal Linux training. SwitchDesk met that need by offering Linux courses that focused on developing and teaching real-world, day-to-day, practical skill sets that allowed an administrator to fully understand and implement Linux. Today, the Linux market has matured and is an integral part of many data centers. SwitchDesk has expanded, as well, to provide advanced solutions for today's physical and virtual data centers.


Our vision is to help you create the most reliable, highly available, secure and cost effective system to support your business. For us, the end result goes beyond the system itself. It’s about you being able to run your business succesfully.


SwitchDesk’s main office is in Nashville, Tennesse and has additional offices in Athens, Alabama.

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