GWAVA is the market leader for making GroupWise secure and delivering the latest technology to protect your GroupWise system from the inside out. As the only product built exclusively with Novell APIs, and built to run natively on NetWare, Linux & Windows, GWAVA protects email at the POA, MTA and GWIA areas to ensure complete coverage against virus outbreaks, SPAM attacks, and ensuring email surveillance.

Complete Protection from Virus Outbreaks

GWAVA is unique by providing comprehensive coverage from virus outbreaks through integration of multiple Anti-Virus engines. This enables organizations to reduce their dependence on a single Anti-Virus vendor response time to virus outbreaks. Additionally, GWAVA blocks virus attacks at every component within GroupWise to ensure that Internet Email and Internal email is all completely protected.

GWAVA and Kaspersky

SmartBlocker - the Highest level of SPAM Protection

Blocking SPAM is a constant battle for many organizations. Spammers are continually evolving their tactics so that technologies that work today will fail tomorrow. Now, the latest evolution of SmartBlocker features a new intelligent learning capability that allows it to automatically learn and adapt to the latest tactics of Spammers. Auto-learning ensures that SmartBlocker will evolve as SPAM develops to ensure continual protection.

Complete Email Surveillance

Organizations need to limit liability and ensure compliance. GWAVA provides a wide range of technologies to review content as it moves through GroupWise allowing you to archive, notify, and block messages based on their content.

Easy to Use Tools for End-Users and Administrators

GWAVA makes taking advantage of all this technology via a simple web based administration tool. The GWAVA Management console provides a simple way to configure services and manage quarantined mail helping you make GroupWise secure. GWAVA has created a simple to use web based administration tool for end users and administrators. This tool provides a simple way to configure services and quarantined mail.

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